Nemiranda Art House

People often think of the museums and art galleries as the primary repository for art. Displayed on large expanses of often white walls are framed paintings, prints and sculptures. But upon seeing Nemiranda ArtHouse in Angono Rizal, we discovered that art can also live in places and homes of the people who actually created it.

Nemesio Miranda or popularly known for his art as Nemiranda is a child of the lakeshore town Angono. His works reflect the mystic charm of his home town. From pastoral and cultural scenes to activities of lake workers, he draws the human form through pure imagination, an art discipline he introduced called Imaginative Figurism.

Nemi built a home-studio called the Nemiranda ArtHouse that in itself captures the images of the town. Reminders of the local culture can be seen on walls from mythical creatures like the sirena (mermaid) to characters from Filipino folklore.

Mommy Julieta (the artist’s mother-in-law) showed us around the house, through the galleries at the first floor and the artist’s studio at the second floor where we chance upon an unfinished work of Nemi. According to Mommy Julieta, then house constantly evolves. When Nemi builds additions to existing structures or rework existing materials, he treat spaces as works of art on his own terms. Often, the materials he chooses to work with  (like wood, metal and concrete) are the same ones he uses in his artworks. These are the materials he is familiar to manipulating, Mommy Julieta added.

This proves that at the Nemiranda ArtHouse, art is not just a mere decorative element to complement the wall coverings, floors, and windows, it is important, as basic, as the house’s foundation.

Visit the Nemiranda ArtHouse at #10 Dona Elena St. Dona Justa Village I, Angono Rizal. Telefax: 451.15.80


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  1. Hi po..panu po puntahan ang place nyu from Tikling? Thanks po.

  2. Chance upon your site while browsing the net for botong francisco’s artworks. Pamangkin ako ni nemiranda. NEMESIO REYES. MIRANDA, JR. po ang complete name nya. A very successful man in his chosen field but very simple and humble to us his family and relatives. Sa internet ko na nga lang nalalaman how widely known he is. salamat po sa pag feature nyo sa aming diko jr. (NeMiranda sa inyong lahat)

    • we love the art of Nemiranda. we are hoping to own one soon Janette.

  3. hi kuya nemi,c rori po 2,lam u b nung 1st tym q nkakita ng art work inspired aq…now,i’m a face paint artist…un lng kasi kaya kong gawin,super galing mo…number 1 fan mo aq…remember ung gnawa mong portrait ni ana agao…God bless u always

  4. God , I’m so lucky to be taught by Sir Nemi :] .He has an art class kasi…I was able to grab the opportunity..At first, nakakakaba , but he is really nice :]

  5. can you tell me what is the true maining og nemiranda because this is my report right now?…pls just sent it to my e-mail…thanks

    • hmmm…I am not really an authority when it comes to Nemi’s works or not even ar in general richie ian. I can just appreciate good art. Anyway, I suggest you see Mr. Nemi himself. I am sure he’ll be glad to answer your question about his work.

  6. Ang swerte mo naman judith to have Nemiranda as a boss and makasama sa mga exhibit nya. Salamat sa pag visit sa Traveler on Foot.

  7. maganda dyan sa gallery n sir nemi at mabait na boss. Secretary nya ako before. Palagi sya kasali sa mga exhibit. Boss your the best!

  8. Same here bpnoy3. I also wanted to be a proud owner of a Nemiranda masterpiece.

  9. Glad to here from you Tutubi. Thanks to your blog that inspired us to visit Angono. I’m not aware of a place taong kweba. We’ll probably give it a look the next time we go there.

  10. wow what great art! i want to put one i my walls. keep it up! salamat po

  11. it’s a nice gallery. been there when i visited the taong kweba nearby 😛

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