Kape Kesada Art Gallery and Cafe

As a collector of art, I frequently visit art galleries not just to check out what on sale but also to appreciate the place where the art works are displayed.  Kape Kesada Art Gallery and Café is one of my favorite shops in Paete. Named after the street where it’s located, this art gallery-cum-coffeeshop is a brainchild of dentist and art aficionado Dr. Nilo Valdecantos.

The structure took two years to build. Dr. Valdecantos designed the interior himself. The use of old wood and furniture like the Batibot chairs gives the café a rustic ambience and old world charm.

The café is open from Tuesdays to Sunday from 9am to 6pm. It’s closed during lunch time. An acoustic band plays there on Friday evenings.

Click here for Part 1 –Art Heritage of Paete, Part 2 –Shopping for Paete Wood Carvings, Part 3 –Kape Kesada, Part 4 –Paete Holy Week Procession, Part 5 –Paete Artist Unite for a Good Cause


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  1. How to go here from manila?

    • take HM bus in Cubao en route to Sta. Cruz. From Sta. Cruz, take a jeepney to Siniloan. Ask the driver to drop you off in Paete plaza. Walk towards the tourist lane. You will see Kape Kesada on the ride side of the road.-Glenn

  2. So country. I want to go here too..=)

  3. It,s so wonderful and artistic place you see and plenty of rare and fabulous antique work of art ! More power and enerrgytic in line our new artist from our town Paete ! Romeo Dalagan

    • Dr. Nilo,
      I am impreesed with the variety and beauty of the paintings displayed in your gallery. What is more impressive is that those paintings were performed by local artists whose work would have not been known had you not founded this gallery. Not only are you helping the local artists make a living but also putting Paete in the map. More power to you and good luck !!!


      • Hi Doc. Nilo, san baga makakakuha ng batibot chair? Yun baga ang tawag don? Hehe

  4. Hi.. Dr Nilo, it’s really our pleasure to know Paete more from you, especially from various creative paintings on your wall.

    We definately look forward for further updates and good luck for your upcoming events.

  5. Paete is a very interesting town Tutubi. I know I’ve missed more information about this lakeshore town like its legends and micro history.

    I’m anticipating your write ups about Paete. Thanks

  6. nice series about my hometown. i also have similar upcoming posts about paete but still “languishing” in my drafts folder for months now

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