The Fiery Ritual at the Church of Nuestra Senora de Gratia


Traveler on Foot attended a late night mass at Church of Nuestra Senora de Gratia in Makati. The church was dark when we arrived. From the main portal we saw faint glows as we entered the church. 


Upon entering the church, we were greeted by glorious music and people dancing in the dark while holding candles. The old and dark interior of the church illuminated only by the flickering flames and soft glow from our candles made the scene solemn and dramatic.  



This pre-Easter ritual held on during late evening of Black Saturday is called the Blessing of Fire and Water.



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  1. its like back in the old days when no electricity only candles are used to light the old church…

  2. Why do they celebrate this? Why are they blessing fire and water? Why do they have candles? Why at night and not all throughout the day? What else happens on Sabado De Gloria?

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