Angono’s Easter Sunday Salubong


The salubong dramatizes the meeting of the Virgin and the Risen Christ. This year’s Easter presentation in Angono, Rizal  begun with a procession of andas bearing images of key personalities present during the Resurrection of Christ. The andas were carried over the shoulders of devotees.  


A stage was set in an open plaza. A curious dance of the tinyenta (female lieutenant dressed in a sky blue gown) who waved a short flag started the Easter presentation. This was then followed by the kapitana (female captain dressed in a colorful, ruffle-riched gown) declaiming a very long poem in rich Tagalog about the fulfillment of Christ’s promise.  



Upon reaching the climax of the poem, birds of colored paper and bamboo swoop down from the corners of the four-posted structure called galilea to open a heart hanging at the center that conceals the girl dressed as a little angel. We were impressed by the little angel (girl) not only for spending hours suspended by rope inside the hollow heart but also for singing the Latin Antiphon “Regina Coeli Laetare” (Queen of Heaven, Rejoice). 




The angel is then lowered towards the image of Mary below. She then slowly removed the black veil from the Virgin to signify that Her Son had already risen from the dead. 



 The salubong in Angono ended with the released of multi-colored balloons and another dance of exaltation from the kapitana.


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  1. nice one, kababayan

  2. in all holidays holy week is my most favorite…..

  3. thankzz .. ! finally i already had an idea on my instructional module .. my topic is about “salubong”

    • you’re welcome fhebbie.

  4. TOF, it sure is the grandest & most regal of all the salubong’s i’ve known… all other are just the same as the other…

    …and since you’ve already been to angono, why not try going to binangonan, rizal… the next town after angono and witness the good friday procession… it starts at 5pm and the tail ends by around 10pm… they have life sized “santos”… and the way they paraded the santo entierro is fascinating… the same way they’re doing it in quiapo for the feast of the black nazarene…

    • Thanks Gian for the info. Wil do.

  5. I would be interested to see the easter festivities, i.e. salubong, etc. in your province. Would you give me some pointers as to time and venue of where to stay? Do you have host families who can accommodate balikbayan guests?
    Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

  6. thanks Raniel

  7. Wow ang ganda naman.
    Ill post it sa angono tambayan so other members can see it.

  8. It’s my pleasure to feature the last Salubong in Angono Adrian. My sources descibed it to be the “grandest Salubong in the country.”

    I appreciate the invitation. I’d probably visit Angono again soon to check out its other cultural highlights.

    Thanks for taking the time to view my article. I hope to hear from you again.

  9. Thanks for your detailed and showy documentation of Salubong in Angono. Salubong is only one of the unique and meaningful traditions we have.
    I invite you to visit Angono the whole Holy week starting Palm Sunday to capture more of Angono’s culture and traditions.

    More travels ahead!!!

  10. I’ve been intrested about this Easter Sunday tradition in your province mittlealegre. After learning it from a book about holy week activities in our country. That me visit your province last Easter

    I’m glad that this tradition is still practiced. Thanks for visiting my site. Hope to hear from you again.

  11. i’m from angono. thanks for narrating the tradition of our province. i can’t wait to be like them =)i’ve got some pics also of all the events held this year. you might by chance check my site =)

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