Hinagnadanan Cave and Mag-aso Falls

 Mag-aso Falls

Located in the town of Antequera, the Mag-aso Falls is a 25 feet high twin fall. Its name came from the word mag-aso, which means smoking. This describes the mists made by sprays of water from the falls.


 Hinagdanan Cave

The name Bohol was said to have come from the word Bo-ho which in local dialect means holes. There are more than 1,400 caves have been identified in Bohol. One of the most popular is Hinagdanan Cave in Dauis.

Hinagdanan Cave was named as such because of the hagdan or ladder which allows visitors to access the cave. Upon reaching the site, we notice birds which we initially thought to be bats coming out from the cave’s opening. A local told us that those birds are the same type that build the edible saliva nest or bird’s nest  (not sure about this though).

Hinagdanan is classified as karst cave. Its large cavern with several gaping holes on its ceiling allows natural light to illuminate the underground pool. We saw some local taking a dip on the cool underground pool. However, we were warned that water maybe not be safe for those with sensitive skin.   


 According to our tour guide, the ceiling and walls of Hinagdanan was once covered by mineral crystals thus making the wall glitter. But because of human traffic, it has lost its luster. However, he also mentioned that there are still several caves in Bohol where one can see glittering stalactites and stalagmites.


To be continued…   


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  1. hahaha. How are you doing Kritine? did you see my kid? Gwapo no? I agree, he got his looks from his mom. Pero he got his charms from me. hehehe.

    Thanks for dropping by. send me regards to your family. and please let Cheryl know about this blog.

    How’s the weather their in Canada? super-lamig ba?

  2. Glenn? Aha! Dito ka pala nagtatago! Sabihin ko nga kay Cheryl. Hee hee hee… Naks, seryoso ka na ba ngayon? Your baby boy’s adorable buti na lang kamukha ng mommy ;). (Hey, you used to tease me all the time!)

    Seriously, beautiful pictures. I’ll be sure to drop by again. Regards to your family!

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