Nuestra Señora de Gratia

Located on top of a hill where EDSA crosses the Pasig River is the Church of Nuestra Señora de Gratia. This church was part of the Augustinians’ Guadalupe monastery. Its foundations were laid in 1601 and construction work was finished in 1629. The location of the monastery was a place for retrea for its healthful climate. In the olden days, the church was an object of pilgrimage among the Manila Chinese, who paid homage to San Nicholas de Tolentino 







According to Dr. Jaime Laya, the building withstood numerous earthquakes but its masonry roof collapsed in the earthquakes of 1880 and the structure was rebuilt in 1882. All was gutted in February 1899 by cannon fire from American gunboats on the Pasig below. No visible remains of the wide stone steps leading up from the river, a highlight of the old complex. 




The ruins of the monastery were torn down in the 1950s and the stones were reportedly recycled in the reconstruction of the Manila Cathedral. The walls of the church proper were saved and given a new roof to from the present church that accordingly retains the old façade, bell tower and side elevation. 







The main façade is Renaissance in feel, with a single arched doorway similar to those of the Manila Cathedral. Tall pilasters extending up to the pediment provide vertical accents to an otherwise squat façade. 









There is a large open space, now surrounded by low and middle class structures, but which one can visualize once had a panoramic view of Manila and Laguna de Bay on the west and on the north, the precipitous cliffs of the Mandaluyong side of the river and the Sierra Madre beyond. And from the windows of the monastery must have been wonderful views of Laguna de Bay, Mount Makiling and Tagaytay Ridge to the east and south.   

Source: Jaime Laya, Letras y Figuras

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  1. uhmmmm . ang Sts.Peter & Paul Parish sa totoo maliit ang space pero magagamit po ang plaza Cristo Rey for Parking . sa history naman mas madami dyan ang SPPP at napaka ganda na ng loob ng simabahn ang dingding ay marmol na at may mga paintings

  2. […] the Sts. Peter and Paul Parish Church in Poblacion, Makati as the ceremony venue. i had the Nuestra Señora de Gratia initially in mind because it was easy to find and accessible, lots of parking space in front, […]

  3. hi! this church looks so picturesque, especially with the stairs… how do i get here from mrt quadalupe station? thanks! i hope its ok with u giving me directions, as i may still ask for more as go through the rest of your travel stories and photos. thanks!

    • The old church in guadalupe is one of the most photogenic in metro manila allan. If you are coming from the north i suggest you take a bus and get off funeraria paz in guadalupe. from there you can walk the narrow street heading to the church.

  4. hi i was just wondering…

    how would you compare the sts. peter and paul church with the Nuestra Senora de Gratia Church?

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