Inside Seng Guan Temple




I’ve learned about Seng Guan Temple from the book Street-Bound: Manila on Foot by Josefina P. Manahan.

Described as one of the most beautiful Buddhist temples in the Philippines, the building is crowned by stupas, characteristics of Buddhist temples. Surprisingly, the Seng Guan Temple may appear small from the outside until one marvels at the spacious halls located on the second floor.


Henry, the very nice person who showed me around the complex told me that Buddhist monks from Taiwan would gather in the temple during Holy Week (They conduct their retreat during Catholic Holy Week since those days are declared as non-working holidays).

Henry told me a little history about the temple and how it was damaged fire during the 70’s.

According to Henry, the three gold Buddhas on the second floor are hollow and are actually made of silk-mache (instead of paper). Also on the second floor, is a mural showing the life of Buddha.

While inside the Seng Guan Temple, proper decorum should be observed since the place is not a museum but a place of worship.







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  1. Are they open on Sunday? Thanks

  2. I just want to ask if they still do traditional weddings here in the temple or at least do you have any contact of them so I can ask directly.

  3. what school of buddhism does seng guan temple or sect mahayana?, vajrayana or theravada.

  4. Is the visit for free?

    • Yes Kalenna. As far as I can recall, the caretaker did not charge me for looking around the temple. A voluntary donation should be fine.

  5. We are asked at school to make feature articles and we chose to make one about Buddhist temples. Would we be allowed to take pictures inside Seng Guan temple?

    • Seng Guan Temple is an amazing church Aaron. But like all places of worship, highest decorum and courtesy is expected. Ask one of the many caretakers and honestly state your purpose. I do not see any reason why they would not allow you to take pictures for as long proper behaviour is observed.

      • hi im ivan, and im the one of the buddhist who worship in seng guan temple. my advice is before you take a picture you must pray first and pay homage to buddha.

  6. I have a friend in Blackburn, England, who would like to have a copy of a video of monks saying and praying chants to bless a place or a business. He used to have it (told me that it came from a Buddhist temple here in the Philippines) but lost it. It was very effective against evil and against people who wished evil things in his business. He really needs it because someone has been cursing him again, wanted his business to fail. I wanted to help him. Please tell me where to get a copy of that video to save my friend’s business and to save him from losing his resources. Please help me. Thank you very much for any help that you will grant to me.

  7. Nice photos. I have some questions on the Seng Guan Memorial Insitute, hope someone out there could answer them.

    – Does the school conduct classes on Buddhism ?
    – Are most of the students there Buddhists ?

    • though this replied might be too late for u,
      1. yes, they have buddhist classes in chinese, but only once a week.
      2. not all students are buddhist.
      3. this memorial institute is located in malabon, inside hua chong temple complex

  8. Seng Guan Temple is located along Narra Street. Take CM Recto in Manila. Before approaching Divisoria turn to the next street after Abad Santos Ave.

  9. where is Seng Guan temple located?

  10. The place is accessible Iya. It is located along Narra Street in Binondo. You can ask around, you won’t miss it.

  11. i dint know that this exist..

  12. visit here =philippine buddhist seng guan memorial

  13. yes Bubbas Girl. I also want to view your page. unfortunately, the computer I’m using have restrictions. it’s not allowing me to access your site.

    I’d probably use a different computer next time.

  14. Did you pick on my name to see the picture? I thought maybe someone has seen the original before. Thanks.

  15. I haven’t seen an old picture of Seng Guan Temple. Though I know it has gone several renovations in the past. Thanks for dropping by Bubba Girl.

    • Yes it is free. I was born in this place of Narra Street, Tondo. I remember that we used to eat inside the temple at the second floor

  16. Seng Guan Temple is a beautiful place. Anyone know what the original looked like? I have a picture from 1945, I’m trying to find out if it is the Seng Guan Temple.

  17. I’m glad to hear from you again Sidney. Seng Guan Temple is an amazing place. I went there twice because I first time I was there my camera went dead (you can only image how disappionted I was then). It was only during my second visit when I had the chance to take shots of the place. And I was lucky enough to meet an authority of the place who generously showed me around the complex.

  18. It is definitely an amazing place. I was surprised to see such a big temple in the heart of Manila.

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